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5 Miles to the rescue!!!!

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This week has been H.E. double hockey sticks people. Not only has it been SUPER cold, it’s also been
raining. In my opinion there’s two types of weather Texan’s can’t drive in (lol) snow and rain; it seems
like everyone forgets the fundamentals of driving. Unless I have to, I’d rather not be on the road,
especially right now due to my car being in the shop because of a wreck. Life really sucks having one car
between me and Trea. Going to the gym during this weather is out of the question; I refuse to risk it. I
have seen so many accidents not only on the freeway, but on the street as well. As you know I have a
commitment to keep. I was browsing the 5miles app, and I came across a Rebox stepper in walking
distance for only $5.00, I negotiated and got it for $3.00 lol. Thanks to YouTube, I have been stepping my
heart out……literally. Step aerobics is NO JOKE. I used to do Zumba step at 24 hour fitness while wearing
a sauna suit, I was soaked after leaving class. I advise you to go on the app, I found so much fitness
equipment in my area. The prices vary, but if you’re not afraid to negotiate you will get some great
deals. Let me know what you find in the comments below.

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