About Me

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Hi! I’m Sha-Taria. Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I am a 28 year old mother of 2 and a set of two lol. That’s my cute way of saying four. My oldest is  Jr, my baby girl Mel, and the twins Spook&Spooky (Halloween babies). Well technically my oldest is my step son Zay, so make that a mother of 5.

I’m from Dallas Texas…..yes I am a COWBOY’S & MAVERICK fan lol. My family is the most important thing in my life. I strive to be the best mom I can possibly be. My life pretty much revolves around my family.

This is step one to my journey of losing in order to gain. I told myself 2018 is my year to LOSE. I work a full time 9-5, starting my own business, and will start my Master’s program this year.  It’s safe to safe I am a mommy on the move.