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Failing to plan is planning to fail

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If you read the about me section you know that I am a mother of 4. My days start as early as 4:45am and can go as late as midnight to do it all over again during the week. The weekends the normal start is 8:00am the end time can sometimes run the same if not later.  Last week I failed horribly at my 30 day yoga challenge, uploading my YouTube video, and clean eating. I pretty much failed myself last week by failing to plan.

The truth is you can make all the commitments to yourself you want but failing to plan will get you every time. I actually enjoy eating healthy through my pervious weight loss journeys I learned how to substitute some healthy foods into my diet. For instance it is very rare for me to buy ground beef for my household. We have really adapted to eating ground turkey, and love it. The only thing is I am truly a mom on the go. Both cars are down so we are operating off of one car for the whole family. That means we drop the twins off at their daycare, Mel and Jr off at theirs, Trea gets dropped off at his job, then I drive across town to my job. Once I get off we do everything in reverse. Then we are not even going to talk about the evenings of getting dinner readying, children in the bath, homework, burping, diaper changing, ect. to say the least.

So now I have come up with a plan to assist me with staying on track. The first thing I realized is I will have to meal prep. Since I have been back to work I have been snacking on candy and chips here and there. I haven’t been packing my lunch. I have some healthy snacks in my locker, but I don’t want them gone in one day so I get some chips or grab a piece of candy out of someone’s community candy bowl. SMH, this has to stop. Then I have to get on track with my workout schedule, posting schedule, my upcycling business, and study time (until my class’s start I will dedicate that time to reading a book).

Starting today I will dedicate myself to the following a schedule. Today I am working to losing the spirit of disorganization. I make sure I come up with a schedule that is good for my entire family.

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