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Welcome to my journey!! You will be with me through my process of losing not only weight but everything that holds me back from being a better me. I have so much to lose to gain the lifestyle that I truly desire. So pull up a seat and watch as I attempt to balance my 9-5 job, motherhood, entrepreneurship, and education (perusing my Master Degree) with converting to a healthy lifestyle. We will laugh together, cry together, and loss together. I just hope and pray my journey inspires you to loss not only weight, but anything that stops you from being a better you.

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  • Pamella Mcgrew

    I am truly proud of you for the transformation that you have decided to do . I mean we all could stand to loss weight, and we all have trash within us that needs to be thrown out . I look back over my life and every now and again I ask myself why I allowed myself to lose so much time away from family and loved one. I still battled with the abusive part of my addiction. To have been beaten, raped, and left for dead on a number of occasions over a 23 year span has caused a blind spot in my healing process but I know that just like God picked me up and carried me throw my Strom of drug use he will also lighting my heart and allow me to let go one day of this thing I call hate and forgive those who hurt me.

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