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K.I.S.S. Keto Cooking

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If you are caught up on my latest you tube video you probably saw me talking about my cooking disasters. Well after all the videos I watched and articles I read, I forgot the most import thing. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!!!! I was trying every recipe I  could find ingredients for. It was more horrible then good. There are one or two recipes that I did great on (the simple ones), and others…..well lets just say I wouldn’t feed them to the neighborhood cat (and I HATE that annoying cat). Keto is high fat and low cards. It really dawned on me after wasting an over an hour trying to make tortillas that I should start with what I already know and just modify it. For instance I was craving dirty rice, so I made it like I would except traded out the rice for cauliflower. I took the smaller elements of the recipes and made them work for me.

When starting out with Keto recipes it’s easy to get sucked into false sense of security. Take my word for it take it slow. Start with recipes that you already know and find the alternatives. And on the nights you want to experiment to take it to the next level have a back up plan. I have pretty much mastered making Alfredo sauce Keto style. So that is my back up go to. When I screwed up the tortillas for the taco, I made Salmon topped with a cream sauce (alfredo sauce with a few spices) over zucchini noodles. This inspired me. When I try something new I’m going to record and share my lovely failure lol. I mean that’s the only we all are going to learn. We have to learn what not to do right. That’s how I ended up with my perfect alfredo sauce…….the fist time was horrible too.

I’m going to try to post weekly recipes, and at the point their either going to be GREATTT or a BUST only time will tell. Do not let the failed recipes discourage you. Find what you did wrong and fix it. Most of all K.I.S.S.!!!!!

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