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    Ready to lose?

    Welcome to my journey!! You will be with me through my process of losing not only weight but everything that holds me back from being a better me. I have so much to lose to gain the lifestyle that I truly desire. So pull up a seat and watch as I attempt to balance my 9-5 job, motherhood, entrepreneurship, and education (perusing my Master Degree) with converting to a healthy lifestyle. We will laugh together, cry together, and loss together. I just hope and pray my journey inspires you to loss not only weight, but anything that stops you from being a better you.

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    Keto….gone but not forgotten

    I know what you may be thinking……didn’t you say you were not giving up?!?!? Yes, I did. I’m not giving up on being healthy rather I am switching my approach. I absolutely LOVE Keto and the science behind it. It just did not fit my busy life style. I was not able to master the recipes. I was only able to cook a few items. Secondly, I am always on the go and there was not enough meal prepping in the world for me. I will explain in my upcoming video this weekend on my YouTube channel (You Favorite Loser). I was starting to feel bloated all the time due…

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    Staying the course……even through I want to give up right now

    Getting healthy by working out and eating right sounds so simple until it’s time to start. As a mother of four always on the go I always seem  to find myself going off course in one area. Either I’m eating right, but missing a workout or eating something I’m not supposed to but working out. Right now it seems like a never ending battle. I’m dreading thinking about the spring when football season starts for my little man and that adds even more to my schedule. I get to the point that I ask myself why bother. It just seems like the universe and time is against me. I’m starting…

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    K.I.S.S. Keto Cooking

    If you are caught up on my latest you tube video you probably saw me talking about my cooking disasters. Well after all the videos I watched and articles I read, I forgot the most import thing. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!!!! I was trying every recipe I  could find ingredients for. It was more horrible then good. There are one or two recipes that I did great on (the simple ones), and others…..well lets just say I wouldn’t feed them to the neighborhood cat (and I HATE that annoying cat). Keto is high fat and low cards. It really dawned on me after wasting an over an hour trying to…

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    Time For a Swtich

    Before I became pregnant and now since I can not breast feed anymore I have been taking Adipex weight loss pills. I started them in January of last year, but I had to stop on account of my Boo Babies. Adipex pills curb your appetite, give you a tremendous amount of energy, and  burn calories. I absolutely love this pill, but I do not like taking medicine. Along with diet and exercise I lost 17lbs before stopping. I have seen people have great transformations with this pill. Now your body can build up a tolerance and its recommended when that happens you either eat more or stop them for a…

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    5 Miles to the rescue!!!!

    This week has been H.E. double hockey sticks people. Not only has it been SUPER cold, it’s also been raining. In my opinion there’s two types of weather Texan’s can’t drive in (lol) snow and rain; it seems like everyone forgets the fundamentals of driving. Unless I have to, I’d rather not be on the road, especially right now due to my car being in the shop because of a wreck. Life really sucks having one car between me and Trea. Going to the gym during this weather is out of the question; I refuse to risk it. I have seen so many accidents not only on the freeway, but…

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    Failing to plan is planning to fail

    If you read the about me section you know that I am a mother of 4. My days start as early as 4:45am and can go as late as midnight to do it all over again during the week. The weekends the normal start is 8:00am the end time can sometimes run the same if not later.  Last week I failed horribly at my 30 day yoga challenge, uploading my YouTube video, and clean eating. I pretty much failed myself last week by failing to plan. The truth is you can make all the commitments to yourself you want but failing to plan will get you every time. I actually…

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    Declaration of Commitment

    I have realized that converting to living a healthy lifestyle takes commitment to the process. The one thing I have to tell myself repeatedly is (the change does not occur overnight) it takes serious commitment and dedication. I was reading one of my, new favorite authors book “The 5 Levels of Leadership”, and he talked about dedicating yourself to leadership growth. One of the biggest suggestions is to start with writing a Declaration of commitment for a lifestyle change and signing it. According to John C. Maxwell your Declaration of Commitment should describe what you will do to grow and how you will approach it. Now, I thought to myself…