• Goals

    Declaration of Commitment

    I have realized that converting to living a healthy lifestyle takes commitment to the process. The one thing I have to tell myself repeatedly is (the change does not occur overnight) it takes serious commitment and dedication. I was reading one of my, new favorite authors book “The 5 Levels of Leadership”, and he talked about dedicating yourself to leadership growth. One of the biggest suggestions is to start with writing a Declaration of commitment for a lifestyle change and signing it. According to John C. Maxwell your Declaration of Commitment should describe what you will do to grow and how you will approach it. Now, I thought to myself…

  • Life Style

    Ready to lose?

    Welcome to my journey!! You will be with me through my process of losing not only weight but everything that holds me back from being a better me. I have so much to lose to gain the lifestyle that I truly desire. So pull up a seat and watch as I attempt to balance my 9-5 job, motherhood, entrepreneurship, and education (perusing my Master Degree) with converting to a healthy lifestyle. We will laugh together, cry together, and loss together. I just hope and pray my journey inspires you to loss not only weight, but anything that stops you from being a better you.