Time For a Swtich

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Before I became pregnant and now since I can not breast feed anymore I have been taking Adipex weight loss pills. I started them in January of last year, but I had to stop on account of my Boo Babies. Adipex pills curb your appetite, give you a tremendous amount of energy, and  burn calories. I absolutely love this pill, but I do not like taking medicine. Along with diet and exercise I lost 17lbs before stopping. I have seen people have great transformations with this pill. Now your body can build up a tolerance and its recommended when that happens you either eat more or stop them for a month or so then start back.  But when you stop them your hunger comes back and that rapid weight loss in some cases goes down the drain.

I have come to realize I have a sugar addiction, and Adipex was just stopping the cravings. I wanted to something more permanent. So I have decided to try the Keto diet. Not as a quick fix rather a lifestyle change. I love the fact that you do not have to constantly keep eating.  One of my main issues is that I have busy days and there are times I forget to eat which causes me to binge later. Or on the other hand my days get so busy and I do not eat at all.  When you do not eat your body goes into “survival mode”. Since your body does not know when the next time it will get a meal it starts to store the fat and if your trying to lose weight that’s NO BUENO  my friend.

I like the idea a Keto because because your body uses the stored fat as fuel. With Keto you amount of carbohydrates you consume per day is very limited. The rest of your diet is made up of fate and protein.

When you cut back on carbs (i.e. sugar and starches)  your body goes into Ketosis and does not rely on those carbs for energy. Fat becomes your primary fuel. Your glucose now is stable throughout the day curbing your appetite, giving you more energy. Not to mention people are seeing great weight loss results. Keto does not focus on county calories (THANK GOD), rather you focus on macros.  I will be posting a more in dept explanation of Keto tonight on my You Tube channel.

I will give Keto a try for a month and I will post my updates along the way. Click here for the macro calculator.


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